Godiva (urbanedame) wrote in radicalhouston,

Senator John Cornyn is slated to attend the War on Christians conference later this month.

Look at the website, the content, and you'll see why we must take action.

I have sent this letter to him, and encourage you to do the same!

Senator Cornyn,

I am glad to see that you are a very active member of our senate. I have noted that you are a headliner at the "War on Christians" conference later on this month.

However, it sends a bad signal to your constituents. The Vision America website has the most abhorring news links - and celebrates them.

Your scheduled appearance scares me very much. Many civil liberties look as if they are approaching a life or death situation. There are others listed that are scheduled to attend that are dreaming and scheming to tear down some of the most intrinsic part of our Texan society. It would comfort many if you did not attend.



I encourage you to copy and paste it on to his contact website.
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